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Apricot kernel

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Skin Care

Prunus armeniaca - First cold pressing of the apricot kernels
The good friend, vitamins!

One of the softest and most versatile oils! It is used in many cosmetic uses and guarantees us a softened skin and a radiant complexion. It is well tolerated by everyone, even babies or reactive people.

Its neutral odor, ease of use, value for money and generic properties make it a very good carrier for essential oil preparations. Families take it on vacation to prepare the skin for the sun as well as for daily care in the bathroom or after the beach.
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10 g (1 tablespoon) per day.
• Suitable for aromatic skin massage, nourishes and regenerates the skin.
• Makes the skin soft and supple without feeling greasy.

Tips & Tricks:
• Milk crust: Generously soak each crust using a cotton ball or small sponge with apricot kernel oil. Leave on for 30 minutes before gently pinching with your fingertips to loosen each crust. Don't use your fingernails or scratch.
Composition in a flash:
Two thirds of monounsaturated fatty acids (omega 9). Just under a third of polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 6). Provitamin A (this is beta-carotene, which has a healthy glow). Vitamin E and phytosterols, good antioxidants.
*Ingredient from organic farming (Certisys BE-BIO-01 control) - BIO means: from organic farming (Certisys BE-BIO-01 control).
• Store away from sources of heat and light.
• Consume preferably within 3 months after opening.










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Dietary supplement

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